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Coding Classes for Kids

Kids Learn to Code In Scratch Python Javascript

Build your child’s confidence, creativity, critical thinking skills & resilience by introducing them to code using the the latest technology and tools available.

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Coding Classes that teach kids the power of Code and so much more!

Coding is one of the most sought after activities for after-school programs. CodeCubbies provides hands on learning for elementary aged kids, middle-schoolers, and high school students, teaching them math, logical thinking, creativity, problem solving, persistence, and strategizing using code.

CodeCubbies is where your kids learn to code, create video games, build robots, program drones, and so much more!. Our curriculum focuses on both classroom activities and individual learning.

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Coding helps reinforce academic skills and life skills

Understanding code helps kids understand and be able to work with the technology they interact with every day. When children learn to code at a young age, it teaches them communication, creativity, math, writing, and increases their confidence.

CodeCubbies Coding Classes for Kids teach children five Key Life Skills while learning to code:

Logical Thinking

Logical thinking is requires structure and reasoning that “makes sense” to come to a conclusion. Our students will learn how to logically think through a problem to find the solution.


There are so many ways to do one task and each person thinks and learns differently. What works for one may not work for the other. At CodeCubbies we learn multiple ways to complete tasks and our projects urge students to think outside the box.

Problem Solving

What do you do when you get stuck and can’t solve a problem? At CodeCubbies, we work together to find a solution. Our students will learn how to tap into their problem solving skills by asking WHY & HOW.


Don’t give up, things may get tough but keep trying. Our Cubbies learn how to deal with frustration and remain persistent. Sometimes you have to walk away to come back and see things in a new light.

Strategic Thinking

We like to call mistakes Bloopers! Bloopers are a fun way to reflect back to what we have done, what we can learn, and how to use our mistakes to help us figure out how to fix the problem.


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