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Teaching our youth how to be a part of our ever evolving tech world one building block at a time, and taking the time to instill crucial life skills they will carry with them through every aspect of their lives.

Whether or not our students decide to pursue coding, computer programming or engineering as a career, learning to code will give them a technical advantage for all stages of life that has become so very crucial. Every facet of our lives today is plugged with technology and we are just getting started. Learning to code helps our students learn lifelong skills that will become habits.  They will:

  • Think logically: Coding requires us to think each step through before we execute.  Our students will practice how to logically think through a problem to find a solution.
  • Creativity: There are so many ways to do one task and each person thinks and learns differently. What works for one person may not work for the other.  Our students will learn multiple ways to complete one task and our projects will urge students to think creatively.
  • Problem Solve: What do you do when you get stuck and can’t do something?   At CodeCubbies we work together to find a solution.  Our students will learn how to tap into their problem solving skills by asking WHY & HOW.
  • Learn to be Persistent: Don’t give up, things may get tough but keep trying. If you get frustrated, walk away for a minute and come back to find that you will see things in a new light.
  • Learn from our Mistakes: We call them bloopers! We all make them, but we don’t always know how to learn from them. Our Cubbies will learn from their Code bloopers and use them to better their work by strategizing.

These fundamental life skills will not only arm our youth with skills to conquer coding …. it will give them the confidence to face all the challenges they face throughout their educational & professional careers as well as their in their lives in genera


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